Mustang P•Water - "The Finest Leather Care In The World" - 100 % organic mustang horse liquid oil

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Mustang P•Water 35ml
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  100% organic mustang horse liquid oil


Mustang P•Water is colorless, very easy to apply and can be used for all colors of P Waterleather. 

The horse oil separats into 3 layers, when raw material horse fat is purified:

• The first layer is clear liquid oil without stickiness. Only 10% can be purified from horse fat, using for the Mustang P•Water

• The second layer is sticky and milky oil used as the Mustang Paste.

• The third layer is like a gelatinous oil-cake, used for edible oil.


Mustang P Water


This high premium oil is from the famous ”Kumamoto” prefecture in Japan, where the strongest and healthiest Mustang horses are bred for many generations. 

Suitable for all types of leather:  Horse - Cow - Sheep - Deer - Goat

Mustang Paste - Leather types

The horse oil is for all sorts of leathers for shoes, jackets, bags, belts, wallets, car interiors, motorcycle seats and jeans patches.


Leather has various tanning methods and silver finishes, so be sure to try it on an inconspicuous part before oiling up the whole item.

 Mustang P Water


The Mustang P•Water oil can be applied by hand 

• it contains 100% natural materials

• it will not irritate your skin and does not cause any known allergies

Mustang Paste - instruction 

The more horse oil you apply the smoother and durable the leather becomes, but please use it very carefully, it is super effective !


The Mustang P•Water immediately draws into the leather and protects the leather from inside.

It also protects the leather from drying out on the surface and protects inside from water damages .

This horse oil also protect the leather against environmental influences and provides it with the necessary minerals and vitamins. 


It keeps the leather in an excelent condition for a long time and refresh the color pigments.


" My experience for more then 30 years have proven that only pure horse oil is the best leather care. The Mustang Paste has a higher penetrability then Mink Oil. Leather care products sold as Mink Oil containing only 1% to 5% pure oil, the rest are additives such as wax or gasoline, these substances mostly leaving white stripes in the leather Aoki-San from MUSTANG PASTE



Capacity: 35ml

• about 2 to 3ml of oil will be used for a long wallet or belt

• sufficient for about 5 to 6 leather jackets




1. P•Water has a very high penetrability, please spread it on the leather faster than Mustang Paste. 

2. If the leather is very dry, do not apply a lot of oil at once, better repeat the process for several times and let the leather dry for view days, then repeat the whole process again

3. In the cold season the horse oild can get firm and light milky white. In that case please hold the bottle for 10 to 20 min in your hand or warm it in your jeans pocket then it get`s back to the liquid oil.

4. If you apply the oil with your hands, take it directly into your hand, spread it on the palm to the finger tips and stroke the leather

5. If you apply the oil with a brush, please use a soft one. The hair of the brush can reach the recessed parts and the oil can be coated evenly