MUSTANG PASTE - "The Finest Leather Care In The World" - Pure natural mustang horse paste

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  95% pure natural mustang horse oil and 5% bee wax


This premium paste is from the famous ”Kumamoto” prefecture in Japan, where the strongest and healthiest Mustang horses are bred for many generations. 

Suitable for all types of leather:  Horse - Cow - Sheep - Deer - Goat

Mustang Paste - Leather types

The paste is for all sorts of leathers for shoes, jackets, bags, belts, wallets, car interiors, motorcycle seats and jeans patches.

This product does not have the usual substances combained with fillers like wax or additives such as oil or gasoline enriched.


The only leather paste which can be applied by hand 

• it contains 100% natural materials

• it will not irritate your skin and does not cause any known allergies

Mustang Paste - instruction 

The more paste you apply the smoother and durable the leather becomes, but please use it very carefully, it is super effective !


The mustang horse paste immediately draws into the leather and protects the leather from inside.

It also protects the leather from drying out on the surface and protects inside from water damages .

This paste also protect the leather against environmental influences and provides it with the necessary minerals and vitamins. 


 Mustang Paste Care

It keeps the leather in an excelent condition for a long time and refresh the color pigments.

As the paste is tranparent and odorless, it can be used for all colors of leather.

The horse paste is super soft and very easy to rub into leather, it doesn`t make any dry spots and porous residues.



" My experience for more then 30 years have proven that only pure horse oil is the best leather care. The Mustang Paste has a higher penetrability then Mink Oil. Leather care products sold as Mink Oil containing only 1% to 5% pure oil, the rest are additives such as wax or gasoline, these substances mostly leaving white stripes in the leather Aoki-San from MUSTANG PASTE



 Capacity: 100ml

One tube of Mustang Paste is sufficient for about 20 leather jackets

• the jacket should be applied with the paste only twice a year

• recommend to use for the start and the end of the season of wearing the jacket

The paste is sufficient to care for about 60 pairs of shoes

• depending on use



1. First clean the dirt off or dust with a brush with natural bristles

2. Apply the paste to either on the hand or a natural cloth and rub the paste in a circular motion into the leather

3. After application, leave the leather in the shade and in an air-permeable space (Cordovan leather should be left to dry for 24 hours)

5. Polish the leather with a fine cotton cloth