Samurai Jeans - KAMINARI - Thunder Soap for Jeans - Net 480 Gram

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Samurai Jeans - KAMINARI - Thunder Soap
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Samurai Jeans

KAMINARI - Thunder Soap 

• Also known as KAMINARI soap - "Kaminari means Thunder"

• The best natural laundry soap for denim

• Made of soybeans

• Contains no bleaching agents or other additives

• 99,9 % purity

• Net 480 Gr.

• Produced in a traditional soap industry which was founded back in 1922

• You need one heaped spoonful (around 16 gram) per wash

• "Made in Japan"

Please note that we don't ship the washing powder outside of Europe !


Some History :

The devil you see on the box is Raijin - God of Thunder

He controls thunder and roaring