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Clinch Boots by Brass Tokyo

Master bootmaker Minoru Matsuura opened Brass Tokyo in 2007 with the intention of restoring even the oldest and most distressed Goodyear welts and insoles.

He called the shop Brass because brass never rusts, and brass nails properly clinch when they hit the steel plate mounted on the bottom of the shoe last, making the nails curl, forming a hook that locks them in place.

This is technical detail, perhaps boring to anyone who isn’t willing to spend the money on a pair of CLINCH boots.

But these are not normal boots. These are, hands-down, the best boots money can buy, even weighed up against a pair of custom-mades. CLINCH are another level of craft and exacting detail.

Matsuura-san takes enormous pride in his intention to create a boot that will mold to your foot and last forever.

Only the finest, most hard-wearing and long-lasting materials, everything by hand, all with utmost dedication, love and passion.


Minoru Clinch Booty by Brass Tokyo