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Denim Bridge by Shingo Osawa is really like nothing else - because it is so completely specific to the man himself.

It started with Shingo-san’s love affair with the fade on a pair of old Lee 200 jeans in 1995. He became obsessed (as we do) and eventually started a blog (Denimba, short for denim nerd) in 2008, to celebrate the love and fun of faded denim. In 2012 he found two craftsmen who shared his passion and for two years helped him develop what has become a very special brand called Denim Bridge.

The jeans are typically made on a historic Singer foot-peddle machine with a single-stitch construction that takes five hours.

He prefers a Memphis cotton produced by Shinya Mills, for its “hardness”, and is using a softer 14oz deadstock selvege for his S Antique model.

This deadstock cannot be reproduced exactly because he discovered a large roll in a old warehouse and he doesn’t know exactly where it was made.

All he knows, and all we know, the quality of everything by Denimbridge is remarkable.

Every stitch, every piece of hardware, cut, patch and story. Everything.


Denim Bridge - Shingo Oosawa