ONI Denim - 510-SHM-KIWAMI - 16oz NATURAL INDIGO - Rope Dyed - Semi-Handmade - Neat Straight

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ONI Denim - 510-SHM-KIWAMI
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510-SHM-KIWAMI - 16oz Natural Indigo

"The new KIWAMI denim is the next masterpiece from ONI and the successor of the KASE denim ...."

• Neat Straight - Mid Rise

• Rope dyed with 100% natural indigo

• Selvedge Denim

ONI's new release of the 16oz Natural Indigo Denim 

• Super low tension Selvedge Denim

• Loose woven denim on vintage shuttle looms with a unique slubby texture, that only ONI Denim can create

• One Washed - the jeans will not shrink after washing

• Natural sun dried to show the characteristic of the natural indigo 阿波正藍 AWA-SHOUAI dying

• Button Fly

• V-shaped stitching around the top button

• "Peek-a-boo Selvedge" on coin pocket

• Donut Buttons branded with “ O.N.International co..ltd “

• Rivets branded with " ONI DENIM "

• Deerskin leather patch 

• With characteristic " ONI " pocket stitching 

Available in super limited quantities

• "Made in Japan"



" I think the KIWAMI denim is one of the top three denims in over 50 years of my career.  I’ve been aiming for many years to create a denim that can express the unique color and texture of hank dyeing with the method of rope dyeing.

With expertise and special techniques come from many years of experience, finally KIWAMI was made which perfectly expresses what I expect.  

The KIWAMI denim looks like 阿波正藍AWA-SHOAI denim, which is woven with shades of indigo blue threads hank dyed, produced by high skilled craftsmen.

The natural indigo dyeing 阿波正藍AWA-SHOUAI, has a long tradition in Japan and comes from the Tokushima prefecture, made from Awa-indigo and is dyed by a method called “fermentation”. 阿波正藍AWA-SHOUAI denim is very expensive, but KIWAMI could make less than half of its cost.

KIWAMI is really great rope dyed natural indigo denim, there is nothing like others. Moreover, because threads are dyed by the rope dyeing method, threads’ cores are white so that you can enjoy color fades, gradation and ageing of denim.

It is something you cannot do with 阿波正藍AWA-SHOUAI denim, because, in the hank dyeing method, threads are dyed to the core and no white parts.

This denim is my new masterpiece creationby ONI DENIM "



More Information
Style Straight
Fabric One Washed
31 32 33 34 36 38
Waist 80.0 82.0 84.0 86.0 90.0 95.0
Front Rise 29.0 29.5 30.0 30.5 31.0 31.5
Back Rise 35.5 36.0 36.5 37.0 37.5 38.0
Knee 22.0 22.5 23.0 23.5 25.0 26.0
Leg Opening 19.0 19.5 20.0 20.5 21.5 22.0
Inseam 89.0 89.0 89.0 89.0 89.0 89.0
Thigh 31.0 31.5 32.0 32.5 34.0 35.5