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Pure Blue Japan

There’s just something mystical about Pure Blue Japan. You almost can’t put your finger on it. Founded in Okayama in 1997 by Kenichi Iwaya, the brand is a self-proclaimed maker of “Japanese” Japanese jeans.

Perhaps this is what gives it a certain mystique, because it’s not about Americana, and yet you get attached to your PBJs like any crazy denim enthusiast looking for his own personal Grail.

Pure Blue Japan is characterised by a rough, slubby handle, and real, natural indigo dyes. It’s often neppy too, and neppy means the fibres extend from the surface, looking almost “snowy”. Strange way to describe a fabric, you might think, and that’s precisely what PBJ is doing to you.

Iwaya-san is at play, and when you get into it, you can find yourself strangely addicted.

It’s like you’re the only one who understands. And the fades are really amazing. If it’s Hank Dyed it will take awhile, and when you get there, it’s another world, because these jeans are unlike anything anyone else is making.


 kenichi iwaya