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RESOLUTE is a very special brand from the renowned "Denime" designer of thirty years, Yoshiyuki Hayashi.

The concept is “jeans-only”. The four standard models are all based on the silhouette of the '66 model of Levi’s 501 from the 1970s.

The denim comes from Shinya Co. mills in Ibara-shi Okayama, made on old-fashioned power looms.

The sewing is on machines finely set for each process at Niimi Sewing Center, once a designated factory of Levi’s Japan. They are washed and tumble-dried, to make absolutely certain each pair is delivered as a perfectly finished item. Hayashi-san has truly found a sweet spot.

The denim has a gorgeous soft feel, and thereafter a fit that is undeniably pleasing. The fade is absolutely like an old pair of Levi’s.

You can really feel the love and passion in each pair.


RESOLUTE Jeans Yoshiyuki Hayashi