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Samurai Jeans are made with the spirit of a Samurai’s sword, strong and reliable. Do not doubt them. These jeans are sharp, with high-contrast fades of a highly expressive nature. The denim is heavy, powerful, determined.

The story begins in Osaka, 1998. 

Tohru Nogami aka Nogami-San will forever be the denimhead’s denimhead. He’s an awesome, funny man who is fully immersed in the pursuit of creating the greatest jeans in the world.

Every style has an entire story unto itself. You’ll find the famous Samurai warriors Musashi and Kojiro on the patches. If they appear thicker, the denim is heavier. And the moon symbolises the cut. Slim moon means slim cut. Pocket stitching forms the wings of a seagull. The selvedge has silver thread, representing the sharpness of the samurai sword.

There’s a lot to discover. In fact, it’s endless, and you might only notice finer details after wearing the jeans for months. Samurai is for perfectionists, and as Nogami-San might say, there can be no apology for being so. You commit yourself to Samurai and you revel in the powerful identification you feel with the brand and your beloved denim.


Tetsu Nogami