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The Flat Head

Founded in Nagano Prefecture in 1996 by Kobayashi-san, an obsessed aficionado of Americana vintage. The Flat Head has established its place in the tradition of Japanese denim by creating products of the truly highest quality.

Kobayashi-san began his journey with his vintage shop Desert Hill Market, where he discovered all the great denims, especially those from the US and deconstructed it all in order to create the best of the best.

TFH jeans are characterized by strong vertical lines and high contrasts in the fades.

The denim is dyed deeper and stronger.

The character of the fabric will only improve with age. In fact, Kobayashi-San has always said, the product is only 50% complete when it’s purchased. The individual completes its journey to immortality.

His leather goods, jackets, shirts and T’s are amazing too. Basically everything by TFH is outstanding.

It’s the high-quality and the fades though that really get you hooked.


Masayoshi Kobayashi