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Masaki Egawa founded Trophy in 2005 with the inspiration of classic motorcycles and vintage workwear.

You only have to feel the handle on any Trophy garment and you know this is something to last a lifetime.

It says “Satisfaction Guaranteed” on every label, but it’s no real risk to Masaki-san, because satisfaction really is guaranteed.

You’ve never experienced an heavyweight thermal like a Trophy, or their amazing 14.5oz Dirt Denim jeans, with “unevenness reminiscent of the road surface before paving” that becomes magically supple and personalized after a few wears.

You might get match the Workwear Waist Overall with the Dirt Denim Coverall. It’s a look that won’t be beat.

Trophy is everything you should expect from a great Japanese heritage brand and always with those special surprises you find in unexpected detailing.