Chain Stitching Service

If you hem your jeans with a chain stitch, it will develop an amazing vintage roping effect. This effect is caused by the opposite pulling of the denim during washing. 

We’ll use a thread that comes closest in color to match the stitching of your jeans. If possible, we’ll use the original yarn that the Japanese manufacturers supplied us. Please allow 3 to 5 days for the chainstitching service, excluding shipping time. 


Union Special 43200

The machine we use to chain stitch your jeans is a vintage Union Special 43200, nicknamed ‘Blackhead’. This rare model got it’s name from the black head color. It was used in Levi Strauss’ factory in North Carolina up to the 1950’s. 



We offer this service for € 12,- for all jeans purchased at DC4 (Service I). Please make sure you make use of it within 20 days after purchase. For all other pre-owned jeans we charge € 24,- per pair (Service II).