Custom Leather Patch *** Hot Rod ***

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DC4-Patch 2


Personalize your Japanese denim with a custom leather patch !


If wearing in your own pair of raw denim isn't personal enough, you can now order a  leather patch to make your pair stand out.

To make it more special please email us what you would like to put in the


 space on the patch.

The leather patch can replace the one already on your new jeans, or you can add it elsewhere.

You can also just order a patch in case you'd want to place it on a pair you already own.

We're using heavy grade, high-quality leather that'll age beautifully with your favorite denim.

Of course we'll stitch the patch firmly onto your pair in-store. 

Choose from one of the templates or contact us if you'd like your own design featured on your pair of Japanese denim.

Please contact us at for more details.

You'll only find this special service at DC4 Berlin.