ONI Denim 02516P-DIZR - 20oz Dark Indigo SECRET DENIM - 2nd Type Jacket

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ONI Denim 02516P-DIZR
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20oz DARK INDIGO SECRET DENIM is the most famous ONI Denim in a very dark indigo color

Although it has the same thread count and weave structure as the secret denim. The warp is changed to dark indigo and the weft is changed to light beige

• 2nd Type Denim Jacket

• Side pockets

• Rope dyed with 100% indigo

ONI's new 20oz Dark Indigo Secret Denim

• Loose woven with a unique slubby texture, that only ONI Denim can create

• Super low tension Selvedge Denim

• Loose woven denim on vintage shuttle looms with a unique slubby texture, that only ONI Denim can create

• One Washed - the jacket will not shrink after washing

• Selvedge placket details

• Donut Buttons branded with “ O.N.International co..ltd “

• Rivets branded with " ONI DENIM "

• Chain Stitch sewing construction

• Deerskin leather patch 

In a very limited quantity available

• " Made in Japan"



"The 20oz SECRET denim is the most typical and the most unique DENIM fabric in my whole collection, no one else can produce this kind of denim except me, even if someone come up with the idea and try to produce it.

The shulltle looms were manipulated that the thread was woven under very low tension which creates a very soft and slubby structure.

Also for the spinning, instead of using a major company, I use a small and historical spinning mill which have the knowledge to produce this high quality with this unique details, that the major companies can't make.

I`m mixing several kinds of cotton, that`s my secret to create the original, super slubby and hairy SECRET yarn....by ONI DENIM "


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Fabric One Washed
40 42 44
Shoulders 44.0 46.0 48.0
Chest 52.0 54.0 56.0
Sleeve Length 64.0 65.0 66.0
Total Length 66.0 67.0 68.0